Jeffrey Epstein, the FBI arrests his partner and partner, Ghislaine Maxwell | AP

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has revealed the arrest of the British « socialite » Ghislaine Maxwell, Who has been identified as a partner and partner of the f @ ll3cido magnate accused of @ bus0 of minors Jeffrey Epstein, accused of being involved in his alleged s3xu @ les crimes, as reported on Thursday by the NBC channel and confirmed soon after by the authorities.

Two veteran law enforcement sources disclosed to the News 4 New York program that the FBI detained Maxwell in the state of New Hampshire on charges of conspiracy with Epstein for abusing minors and who is expected to appear later in the day in court.

The Office of the Prosecutor for the Southern District of New York reported that the socialite faces six crimes, four of them related to “persuading, inducing, attracting and coercing” minors to travel with the aim of carrying out s3xu @ les cr! M! Nales with Epstein between 1994 and 1997, as well as two false testimony to the authorities that occurred in 2016.

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Jeffrey Epstein: disgustingly rich . Do you believe in coincidences? I say this because approximately five days ago #Netflix premiered the series on the #JeffeyEpstein case and yesterday this character was trending because of the #Anonymous revelations. . But I want to talk about the docuseries, because lately @netflixlat is bringing them out like battlehorses and they are undoubtedly the best of the platform. . The story tells the case of #Epstein and how a dome of world power (#Hollywood, governments and monarchies) would be the cradle of child trafficking for them to be abused. . This is not new, various artists like #JustinBieber have denounced pedophilia in the industry and how they have hidden it for years. . What is very scary is that people who were going to speak to unmask these pedophiles have « committed suicide », see the cases of #ChesterBennington, #ChirsCornell and the complainants of #KevinSpacey. . It only remains to wait to see what happens and if those who commit these crimes, no matter how much power they have, will be punished. ✖️. There are a lot of important people involved who come out in the series: #Trump, Prince Andrew, #BillClinton, etc. . How do you think this will end?

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The indictment document, to which Efe had access, indicates that the woman “assisted, facilitated and contributed to the @ bus0 of young girls by Jeffrey Epstein by, among other things, helping them to capture them, prepare them and ultimately @ bus @ rlas, knowing both Maxwell and Epstein that they had under 18 years”, And with ages as young as 14 years old.

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Jeffrey Epstein had just one month in a New York jail accused of creating a network of juvenile trafficking cases when he was @ h0rked in his cell in August 2019, leading to close the criminal process against him, but other investigations are still open through civil channels.

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Maxwell, a former Epstein partner and a close friend of hers for years, allegedly helped the magnate to recruit teenagers, generally of low income, to have s3x0 with influential people, including him, in exchange for favors such as education and work, according to various civil complaints.

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The daughter of British publishing magnate Robert Maxwell, the detainee helped Epstein manage his properties and introduced him to high-society circles that included celebrities and business executives.