Although Jeff Hardy is currently the Intercontinental Champion and just signed a new contract with WWE, the pro wrestling veteran knows his career will come to an end one day.

Hardy spoke to BT Sport for an interview. During the talk, he was asked what he would do when he finished in the ring.

Jeff Hardy reveals his future after wrestling

This is where he noted that he believes he will be a part of the professional wrestling business for the rest of his life. In fact, he already has some ideas, but noted that he does not plan to be a coach unless his daughters want to go into the business.

Ultimately, I would love to get involved in music as I get older. I think I will secretly be involved in wrestling for the rest of my life. As creatively, whether behind the scenes as a writer or just as an idea launcher, or whatever.

“I don’t see myself really training people, unless it’s my daughters. If my daughters want to fight, if they want to be The Hardy Girls, I’ll be the coach. There is a women’s championship, the women’s couples championship now. I remember saying eight years ago, “Wow, it would be great if they had some female tag team titles” and now here we are. It’s great.”

You can watch the clip by clicking on the player below:

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