WWE Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy has commented on what plans he might have after his retirement.

The current Intercontinental Champion of Wwe and superstar of the blue brand Friday Night SmackDown, Jeff Hardy, has stated that he has no interest in training future talents and wrestlers after his retirement, other than his daughters.

Jeff Hardy has had the opportunity to be interviewed by BT Sport this week and has commented that he would like to work behind the creative scene of Wwe and at the same time continue his musical career once he hangs up his boots.

The Intercontinental champion’s statements were as follows:

«I would definitely love to be involved in music once time passes. But I think I will quietly be involved in wrestling in some way for the rest of my life. You know, creatively, if it’s off the scene as a writer, or as someone who gives ideas, whatever. “

Jeff Hardy He added that he does not see the possibility of seeing himself as a coach unless it is to guide his two daughters of 9 and 4 years to be The Hardy Girls.

“I don’t see myself training people, unless they are my daughters. If my daughters want to fight, if they want to be The Hardy Girls, I’m going to be their coach. And taking into account that there is now a women’s championship and women’s tag team titles. I remember years ago saying that it would be great if they added the women’s tag team titles. And now we have them and it’s very good. “

Here the tweet of the account BT Sport where you can see the video in which Hardy gives such statements:

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