Jeff Hardy beat Sheamus to advance to the semifinals

Wrestling Planet | Jeff Hardy advances to the semifinals of the Intercontinental Championship Tournament

Jeff Hardy advances to the semifinals of the vacant Intercontinental Championship Tournament. With a roll-up, Hardy claimed victory against Sheamus. In next week’s SmackDown, Jeff Hardy will face Daniel Bryan in the semifinals.

Intercontinental Title Tournament: Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus.

The combat begins very evenly on the part of the two fighters trying to take control of the combat varying with various struggles. The action goes out of the ring and Jeff Hardy sends Sheamus into the ringside area. Hardy attempts to launch from the edge of the ring, but his opponent catches him, charges him, and stamps him against the commentators’ table.

Sheamus turns to Michael Cole and yells at him. We go back to the ring and Sheamus takes control of the fight. He punches Jeff several times and then proceeds to several clotheslines that knock Hardy out of action. From one moment to the next, Jeff tries to recover and hits Sheamus little by little leading him to the corner. Whisper In The Wind, Jeff covers Sheamus and the count is at 2. Sheamus stands up after the count of 2 and applies a triple backbreaker to Hardy.

The Celtic Warrior again sends his opponent out of the ring, but this time he keeps him on the edge of the ring and begins his signature series of machetes to the chest. Sheamus tries to make a backdrop suplex but Hardy falls flat and reverses the situation. Sheamus eats the pole and then Jeff gives him an Electric Chair.

Various dropkicks for Sheamus, Hardy tries the count of 3, but fails. Attempt by Twist Of Fate, Sheamus escapes, Jeff gets out of the ring and launches himself from the edge of the barricade to attack Sheamus. Jeff introduces Sheamus into the ring, climbs on the third rope, Swanton Bomb’s attempt, and Sheamus places his legs to defend himself. Sheamus covers Hardy, the count reaches 2, running knee and the count is still at 2. Sheamus tries to prepare the Brogue Kick but Jeff reverses it and with a roll-up he reaches the count of 3.

RESULT: Jeff Hardy advances to the semifinals of the Intercontinental Championship tournament after defeating Sheamus on WWE SmackDown.

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