Jeep rolls it up again with another teaser What can we expect from them …?

Jeep 40.4 teaser

The heyday of SUVs has helped the all terrain improve your sales figures around the globe. The proof of this is that manufacturers like General Motors or Ford They have bet their future on the launch of models of this type. One of the firms that, since its foundation, is dedicated to this market niche is Jeep. The Yankee house is one of the most reputable in the world and its latest developments do not cease to give them great satisfaction and happiness.

Well, it seems that market demand is “forcing” them to prepare a new model. Rather, we can speak of a “special” version of the legendary Wrangler. At least, that’s what we all believe, because their latest teaser campaign indicates that they are preparing something about the successor to the Willys. Why do we know? Well, because for a few days they have not stopped publishing mysterious photos on their social networks. Now, they come back with another one …

As Jeep releases new teasers, it’s harder to figure out what they’re up to …

If we recap, we can still put some order to Jeep’s intentions. The first teaser photo revealed the cabin of what looked like a Gladiator PHEV. With the second the impression seemed to take hold, since the number 40.4 It could indicate that a higher energy capacity battery would be on the way. The problem is that the third image complicates everything. Yes, because superimposed on a license plate we have a new number: 47.4.

One of the craziest possibilities, of all the rumors suggested, was that a version with higher ground clearance. But of course, if 40.4 inches is 102 centimeters, now with 47.4 inches the possibility becomes more implausible. Above all, because we would be talking about a vehicle 120 centimeters high from the ground. Of course, there are those who suggest that this figure could be a wading depth.

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Can you imagine what Jeep is up to with these teasers? We do …

For the moment there are more doubts than certainties regarding the project on which Jeep would be working. The messages that accompany these teasers aren’t very enlightening either. The latter indicates that “the difference is great” and can mean practically anything. Therefore, we will continue to be very attentive to possible news that arrive from the brand or Stellantis. We are convinced that something very big is on the way.

Patience gentlemen …

Source – Jeep by Twitter

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