Star Wars is packed with masters and apprentices who have passed down the secrets of the Force for generations. Today we will meet the main protagonists of these links.

In 1977, George Lucas premiered worldwide Star wars (known in Spain as Star Wars). Shortly thereafter, in our country and around the world, its title would be changed to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, indicating that the newborn franchise would be much larger than a single movie. Since then 12 movies (including The Clone Wars movie) have dropped several specials and various television series set in this galaxy far, far away. Not to mention novels, comics, video games …

One of the most interesting concepts explored in Star Wars is that of Force. As commented in 1977 Ben Kenobi, the character played by the great Alec Guinness, the Force is a mystical energy field that surrounds the entire galaxy. It surrounds us, penetrates us and holds the galaxy together. Only a select few are able to “feel the Force” and make use of it, both to do good and to do evil.

But teaching the so-called “ways of the Force” is not an overnight thing (generally, since the demands of the script have made this fact sometimes ignored). Today at Hobby Consolas we will meet the main teacher-learner relationships in Star Wars, as well as the two main training chains.

You have taken your first steps in a world without limits

Before getting into the matter, it is important that we know the main dogmas of the Force. In principle it is usually simplified as two parts, Light Side and Dark Side, both embodied by two different religious orders: Jedi, guardians of peace, and Sith, who crave the freedom and power to achieve it. However, throughout the Star Wars productions we have been able to witness that there are other aspects of the Force that none of these orders explore.

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When an individual does not want to study or follow the ways of the Force from one extreme, he enters a gray category in which not everything is black and white. Since the Gray Jedi, more aligned with the Light Side but who do not hesitate to learn some faculties of the Dark Side. Similarly, groups such as Sisters of the Night, practically followers of the Dark Side, do not align with the Sith, and generally confront them so as not to lose their “sovereignty” over Dathomir. Although we will see that there are also exceptions.

With this premise already in mind, now we can get fully into the study of the main master-apprentice chains of the two religious orders of Star Wars: The Jedi Order, and the Sith Order. It is important that you understand that we will focus mainly on the period of Clone Wars and the Uprising of the Empire. Since it is where more Star Wars productions and references exist. Remember also that everything we talk about in this article follows the new Star Wars canon.

A beacon of hope for the Galaxy

Yoda it is the hub of the Jedi Order in the times of the Clone Wars. This Grand Master of Jedi Council of the mysterious nameless race was over 800 years old in Star Wars episode I: The Phantom Menace. With so many years, it is understandable that many great Jedi have come under his tutelage. However, the name of his formal teacher is not known, despite the fact that later he had some more punctual teachers to learn a specific power (such as Qui-Gon Jinn, which taught him to commune with the Force in death).

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The main training chain started by Yoda would be: Yoda, who took Padawan as Dooku, who in turn taught the ways of the Force to Qui-Gon Jinn, who would later teach Obi-Wan Kenobi. Here we find a turning point, since Qui-Gon’s death at the hands of Darth maul makes me unable to take Anakin Skywalker as a Padawan, against the wishes of the Council. In this way, the chain continues with Obi-Wan teaching Anakin Skywalker, who would take Ahsoka Tano as an apprentice in The Clone Wars.

Naturally, we find other shorter ramifications. In Star Wars Rebels we discover that the teacher Depa Billaba taught to Caleb Dume, whom we know more easily as Kanan Jarrus. Kanan taught in the darkest moments the ways of the Force to Ezra Bridger. Other famous links between teacher and apprentice in the Jedi Order are that of Barriss Offee with his teacher, Luminara Undulli or that of Cal Kestis with Cere Junda that we can see in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

You don’t know the power of the Dark Side

On the Sith side, it is much less prolific. Since Darth bane implanted the Rule of Two, there could only have been two Sith at the same time: a teacher and an apprentice. It should be noted that the Sith do not adopt the name padawan for their students. Furthermore, while Yoda, throughout his years, taught scores of Jedi, leaving his mark on them as they passed through their disciplehood before becoming padawans, the Sith went much more unnoticed.

The galactic history of Star Wars is riddled with prominent figures among the adherents of the Dark Side. We will meet 10 of the most powerful Sith.

It must be emphasized that, for a Sith to become a teacher, he must murder his own, closing the circle and being able to take an apprentice. Although as we will see, some Sith have passed this Rule of the two through the arc of triumph.

Despite the fact that in the old Star Wars Expanded Universe, the master of Darth Plagueis It was Darth Tenebrous, in the current canon a master has not yet been established for the Sith Lord. Therefore we will go down from it. His best-known apprentice, and the one who ended his life, is Darth Sidious. Sidious he had several apprentices, although presumably none of them at the same time. Darth Maul was his apprentice until he fell into the hands of Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Battle of Naboo.

Some ideas from the laborious mind of Goerge Lucas never made it to the screen in Star Wars, we discovered some of those projects for Star Wars that never came true.

Count Dooku fell to the Dark Side to become Darth Tyranus until his death in the Battle of Coruscant in Star Wars episode III: Revenge of the Sith. His executor would soon become his substitute, since Anakin Skywalker soon becomes Darth Vader. Dooku is precisely the “black sheep” in the Sith dogma on our list. Darth Tyranus did not kill his master, and yet he welcomed several apprentices during the Clone Wars.

Savage Opress and the fallen Jedi master Quinlan You they went through his tutelage “fleetingly.” On the other hand, despite being the longest serving servant of Darth Tyranus, Asajj Ventress She cannot be considered a Sith apprentice to Dooku, at least formally, as she was his personal assassin.

The Imperial inquisition They are also hardly considered Sith apprentices, although it is true that both Darth Sidious and Darth Vader teach them some of the ways of the Dark Side, they did not reach the rank of apprentice.

The Force is intense in many beings in the Galaxy and the most powerful end up being part of the two most important orders: The Jedi Order and the Sith Order. But what sets them apart?

As you can see, the organization chart is a bit of a mess, especially among the Sith where the rules are to be broken. Do you remember any teacher-learner bond that you want to share? Indicate it in the comments section.