This is news that the king of info has managed to keep secret until the last minute: Jean-Pierre Pernaut will leave his chair vacant on the prestigious TF1 1-hour newscast by the end of 2020. After battling cancer in 2018, then presenting his news from home during confinement, the flagship journalist of the front page began to say goodbye. “The newspaper’s audiences are still great, it’s a unique event, which we have had every day for 33 years. […] But I decided to change the pace and pass on the torch of the newspaper at the end of this year, ”said Jean-Pierre Pernaut in a video posted on social networks. Jean-Pierre Pernaut specifies, however, that he is not leaving the channel and unveils his new projects with the group which has employed him for more than three decades: “However, I am not leaving this profession, nor the TF1 group, nor the ties that attach me so much to you. ”

His countless rants, which had continued to increase during the coronavirus crisis, will undoubtedly be missed by the French. For her part, his wife, host Nathalie Marquay, assures us that this is “excellent news.” It must be said that she, who had already expressed on several occasions her desire to see her husband ease off… Invited to speak on this subject Tuesday, September 15, 2020 on the set of Touche not at my post, the former queen of beauty brought up the subject everyone has been talking about since the announcement of her husband: who will be chosen to replace him? “There have always been rumors! […] They are really pissed off for his replacement. They can’t find it! It was not the moment to leave them, to ask for his resignation ”, she begins.

Dominique Lagrou-Sempère, the “favorite” of Jean-Pierre Pernaut

Among the names proposed, that of Dominique Lagrou-Sempère, regular on Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s television news. Journalist since 2001 at TF1, Dominique Lagrou-Sempère is, like Jacques Legros, very appreciated by the televiewers of the JT in which she makes appearances, in particular with SOS Village or the election of the most beautiful markets of France. During an interview with Femme Actuelle last June, the journalist also raised the question of this fateful departure. And when an Internet user had proposed, in June 2020, the name of the latter to replace it, Jean-Pierre Pernaut, visibly excited by the proposal, had not hesitated to share the said publication on Twitter.

What about then? “She’s Jean-Pierre’s favorite”, assures Nathalie Marquay. “Both of them did reports, she is very close to people… She is natural!” The columnist qualifies, however: “I don’t think she has strong enough shoulders.” Cyril Hanouna continues: “It will not be her, I tell you.” Nathalie Marquay is saddened by this: “No.” And Cyril Hanouna: “According to some sources, TF1 would like a man to replace Jean-Pierre Pernaut.”

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