The news made the headlines of all the newspapers on Tuesday, September 15: Jean-Pierre Pernaut put the turn signal on the right and left the route du JT at 1 p.m. A decision carefully considered by the fan of motorsport, who wants to enjoy his family while continuing to flourish within the TF1 team. “I have decided to change the pace and pass on the torch of the newspaper at the end of this year, he announced in a video on his Twitter account. I know that my decision to stop the 1 pm will surprise quite a few of you. The 1 pm and me, it’s a really extraordinary adventure thanks to you and your trust, to that of your parents and grandparents sometimes for 33 years. So it’s a turn that I’m going take at the end of the year “. Viewers, surprised by this unexpected turn, reacted on social networks, quickly joined by Lou, the daughter of the person concerned, who made himself the spokesperson for the Pernaut clan.

“My father is doing very well, he is happy”

Faced with the turmoil caused by this news, the teenager appealed for calm on Instagram, a network on which she has 47,000 subscribers. “I know most of you text me. It’s super sweet,” the influencer said in a first video before asking her fans. “There, I only ask you one thing: it is really not to send me messages! I will have a lot of them.” Especially since this departure “is not serious” for her. “My dad is just quitting the news, but he’ll always be there. My father is doing very well, he is very happy! It’s just that he’s leaving JT, like it happens to everyone in a career. ”But JPP is not a personality like the others, and his daughter was able to realize that over time. of a day. “It’s crazy! My darling pointed out to me: they monopolize all the channels to talk about my father! Me, I do not realize it! “, She confided, dumbfounded, in front of her camera. And this is only the beginning of a long series …

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