Almost two years after the start of the movement, on November 17, 2018, the yellow vests have not faded. Although demonstrations have become rarer for some time – a health crisis obliges – the activists are still there and are not giving up. Recently, Emmanuel Macron was also somewhat heckled at the Tuileries during the parade of July 14, 2020. And the people continue to support the yellow vests, like Franck Dubosc, Arnaud Ducret, Michel Polnareff, Brigitte Bardot, Béatrice Dalle, Laetitia Casta or even Jean-Marie Bigard. The comedian has been a great supporter of the cause in the media from the start. So he went to the event organized in the streets of Paris on Saturday September 12, 2020. A few hundred yellow vests gathered at different points in the capital, and in particular on the Place de la Bourse, where Jean-Marie Bigard was seen.

Jean-Marie Bigard jostled and insulted by “collaborator”

But the husband of Lola Marois – also declared candidate for the presidential election of 2022 – did not receive the reception which he expected. Arrived shortly after 10 a.m., wearing his mask with an explicit message that has already caused controversy in the past, Jean-Marie Bigard was booed and hissed by the demonstrators. On the images shot by several of our colleagues, we can hear the cries and insults following the star. “Bigard, collaborator!”, chant a large number of yellow vests. If the comic was not acclaimed by the members of the movement, it is in particular because of what he had announced on Twitter two days earlier. Jean-Marie Bigard declared himself “dissociate ” by Jérôme Rodrigues and “refuse to parade alongside him on Saturday, even if the cause [lui] was dear to my heart ”. The 66-year-old comedian made this decision after the controversial remarks of the latter, a figure of the movement, concerning the police and the Nazi regime.

“After discussion with the yellow vests representatives, we reached an agreement for the demo tomorrow. It’s good I will parade in Paris, but at the head of another procession ”, had finally announced Jean-Marie Bigard on Friday 11 September. But obviously, some demonstrators did not appreciate this “dissociation” and violently took the comedian to task. Some have even thrown projectiles. Faced with this angry crowd, Jean-Marie Bigard had no other choice but to take refuge in a pizzeria! “Some people thought I was giving up. But not at all. This is why I am here ”, he explained to the journalists present on the spot. And despite the intensity of the cries and insults towards him, the comic assures that “it’s okay, it’s nothing”: “It’s a problem of interpretation. During a moment, the yellow vests believed that they let go, which is wrong”, He finally explained. A small misunderstanding therefore, but which nevertheless constrained Jean-Marie Bigard to flee: he had to be exfiltrated from the gathering in disaster, on a motorcycle, to ensure its protection! A sequence to find below.

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