Has Jean-Jacques Bourdin lost some of his bite? The 71-year-old journalist who had not hesitated to attack the fortune of his boss Patrick Drahi or to get angry with Didier Raoult seems to have been much more lenient with Marion Marshal. The director of ISSEP, the Lyon school of political science that she founded and which has seen nearly 200 students pass since its launch, was the guest of the husband of journalist Anne Nivat, Tuesday, September 15, 2020, in Bourdin live at 8:30 am on BFM TV.

His ambitions for the presidential election in 2022, his relationship with his aunt Marine Le Pen, global warming … Jean-Jacques Bourdin did not hesitate to vehemently address many questions with the former member of the National Front (now National rally). The journalist from BFM TV was very pugnacious about the questions around his aunt, to such an extent that the thirty-something launched to him in the middle of an interview: “I have never seen you defend Marine Le Pen at this point”. A release that left the man with the stentorian voice speechless.

“You noticed that I did not speak to you about Obono”, Jean-Jacques Bourdin

As for her willingness to run for the 2020 presidential election, Marion Maréchal was very clear. “As I speak to you, it is no” she declared, while specifying that she was only thirty years old and all the time to be able to change her mind. On the other hand, Jean-Jacques Bourdin did not return to the controversy around Danièle Obono, the deputy for Paris (LFI) and the newspaper Valeursuelles, which depicted her as a naked slave with chains around her neck in a political fiction broadcast this summer . Member of Parliament that the journalist had received on his set on September 2.

And this choice, Jean-Jacques Bourdin did it knowingly as he revealed live, when he thought he was off the air. An “error” spotted by our colleagues from Télé-Loisirs. While the debate between Marion Maréchal and the journalist ended at 8:54 am, we see Jean-Jacques Bourdin putting away his files. Marine Le Pen’s niece then asks: “It’s good, it’s over”. The journalist gets up to leave the stage and says: “You noticed that I did not tell you about Obono”. A surprising confidence from this great professional. Marion Maréchal does not answer but lets appear a very broad smile. How to explain this exit? Didn’t Jean-Jacques Bourdin want to ask the young woman a question because of his friendship with Geoffroy Lejeune, editor of the magazine Valeurs Actuelles since 2016? Difficult to know and for the moment, Jean-Jacques Bourdin, who recently lost his mother Nicole, has not reacted on the subject.

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