Jean-Eric Vergne: “DS’s new powertrain won’t change our lives”

Jean-Eric Vergne He is facing his first season in Formula E in which he will not defend a title since winning the title in the 2017-18 campaign of the series. With everything, the French driver will be one of the great candidates to be proclaimed the first Formula E World Champion, both for their talent and for the good performance shown by the DS Techeetah team since 2016. However, the team of Chinese origin and DS Automóbiles face the challenge of kick off the season with last season’s powertrainAs the new power unit will not arrive at least until the Rome ePrix.

A circumstance that Nissan and Penske will also experience, in addition to DS, but what for Jean-Eric Vergne should not be a critical point of the season: «DS’s new powertrain won’t change our lives. Clearly, when a powertrain arrives, it is always an improvement. However, we have to be careful. The improvement we are talking about is almost imperceptible in lap times, it is more about efficiency in the race. They’ve all gotten a little better, which means when we have the new powertrain in Rome we will not earn three, four or five tenths. It is not like this”.

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Along these lines, the two-time Formula E champion added: «In the same way, we’re not going to get to Ad-Diriyah with the old powertrain and miss a lot of pace compared to teams that do debut their power unit in those races. I don’t think that’s the case, as all teams and manufacturers work within a very small margin. The new powertrain will be nice to have, but I don’t expect it to change our lives., as I said before. Everything is going to be very tight, from the first ePrix to the last one we play this year.