JD Martínez left the Rays on the field after twelve innings

The gardener of the Boston Red Sox, JD Martinez, left the Rays of Tampa after twelve innings played in the MLB 2201.

Through a game that went to extra innings where nobody lasted long winning on the scoreboard, the Rays of Tampa and the Boston Red Sox they fought until they could not.

In the ninth inning, Christian Vásquez hit a huge solo homer off the Dominican Diego Castillo, with that stick tied the game and forced him to go to extra innings in the MLB.

Here the video:

While at the top of the 11th inning, Willy Adames drove in the lead run to make the score 4-for-three against the Boston Red SoxHowever, it did not last long thanks to Rafael Devers’ wood:

Due to the sudden death rule where each team puts a runner on second with no outs once they go to extra innings, each time they Rays the Red Sox They reached them, however, a point was reached where one hit ended it all.

With Hunter Renfore on third and Alex Verdugo on second, two outs and the count at 1-1, JD Martinez hit a home run to left field, driving in both runs to knock the Rays 6 runs for 5.

Here the video: