JD Martinez hit his first home run of the 2021 season

The slugger of Boston Red Sox, JD Martinez, hit the Baltimore Orioles this Sunday his first homer of the 2021 season of Big leagues (MLB).

After three games, JD Martinez made his wood felt with a tremendous home run against the Orioles and that is how the Red Sox because one of their best hitters begins to wake up in the nascent season of the Big leagues.

Here the video:

JD Martinez He missed a fastball from the Orioles’ Bruce Zimmermann to dispatch that home run through Fenway Park’s center field and put the second run of the Red Sox on the Sunday day of MLB.

Mentioned home run by Martinez reached 429 feet and was undoubtedly a daunting hit for this player who hopes to contribute significantly to the Red Sox in the current season of the Big leagues.

Also, with that hit, JD Martinez 238 career home runs in LA MLB, a player with undeniable power.