JD Martínez broke the silence about his playing time on defense

The slugger of Boston Red Sox, JD Martínez, broke the silence about his defensive playing time in the MLB.

Martínez who since he arrived at the Boston Red Sox He has had to adjust to his game as a designated hitter even though he came from playing defense an entire season with the Arizona Diamondbacks and still his offense was pretty good before moving to free agency from the MLB.

JD Martínez said he wants more defensive play than when Boston Red Sox They won the World Series. He had played 75 games defensively in that season, so he doesn’t see the reason why it has to be DH that long.

Here his words:

“Many ask me, why do you still have it? (The fielding glove) and yes, here I have it. The last time I played 70 games in the outfield we won a World Series, so I’m just saying… You have to get me back Alex Cora! “

He’s hitting 340 this season with 10 homers, 33 RBIs, 32 runs scored and 49 hits in 38 games. It’s no secret that he has never come close to winning a gold glove in his 11 seasons in the best baseball in the world playing for the Houston Astros, Detroit Tigers, Arizona Diamondbacks and Boston Red Sox.

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