JBS paid hackers an $ 11 million ransom after resuming operations

15 minutes. The meat production company JBS admitted on Wednesday that it paid hackers a ransom of $ 11 million after the cyberattack that caused the closure of all its beef plants in the United States.

JBS, whose headquarters is in Brazilsaid in a statement that the payment of the ransom was made once the operation of the plants was restored to avoid greater evils.

The payment was made in cryptocurrency. According to the FBI, those responsible for the cyberattack are a group of hackers based in Russia. They are known as REvil.

“This was a very difficult decision to make for our company and for me personally.” So said the CEO of JBS in the US Andre Nogueira.

“However,” he added, “we feel that this decision should be made to prevent any potential risk to our clients.”

JBS is responsible for 20% of beef and pork production in the US. The closure of its plants raised concerns that it could affect distribution. However, the company was quickly able to reestablish its operation.

Colonial Case

The attack on JBS, which occurred last week, came days after another organization, DarkSide, carried out a similar cyber attack on Colonial Pipeline., the largest pipeline network in the country.

In the case of Colonial, whose attack caused serious gasoline supply problems in the US, the company paid DarkSide $ 4.3 million in Bitcoin to regain control of its computer systems.

Nonetheless, the Justice Department announced this week that it had managed to track down and recover 2.3 million of that ransom.

This type of ransomware cyberattacks they cause the blocking of computer systems that are not released until companies or institutions pay a ransom to the hackers.

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