Jazztel has announced a simpler offering for its symmetric 100 Mb converged fiber rates. From three offers we went to two, and both with a price of 39.95 euros, while the previous rates started at 49.95 euros.

These rates will be available to new clients from next August 3 (next Monday), to choose between with a 20 GB mobile line or two 10 GB lines. The 600 Mb symmetrical fiber modality costs an additional supplement of 8 euros.

New Jazztel convergents

Jazztel’s previous 100 Mb converged rates

Jazztel has announced a new portfolio of converged offers, more simplified and priced lower forever and not as a temporary offer. They go from being three modalities to just two under the name of Jazz One and Jazz Duo, in both cases with unlimited calls.

Jazz One includes a mobile line, unlimited calls and 20 gigabytes of data, while Jazz Duo includes two mobile lines and 10 GB to share between them, also with unlimited calls. The price is the same in both cases: 39.95 euros with 100 Mb symmetrical fiber and 47.95 euros for the 600 Mb fiber modality.

These rates will be available for New customers from next August 3, being compatible with the deposit of megabytes (the unspent data accumulates) and the sharing of gigabytes between the lines of the same contract.


Jazztel simplifies its convergent offer with two new rates ‘Jazz One’ and ‘Jazz Duo’, for 39.95 euros per month