Has Jazz Correia just made a new enemy? The mother recently published a story targeting a former candidate for the Villa of Broken Hearts 5.

Living with their family in Dubai for two years now, Jazz and Laurent Correia have achieved a real success story. If Laurent made a fortune thanks to sports betting forecasts, Jazz describes herself as an influencer and mainly earns her living thanks to her numerous product placements. Very popular, the Correias are also the stars of their own reality show, The JLC Family, whose next season is in preparation.

Proud of their success, the couple do not miss an opportunity to share their daily life with their community on social networks. Chelsea and Cayden’s mother also uses networks to settle scores with her detractors and it must be recognized that this happens to her quite often.
Recently, she had clashed with Jessica Thivenin or Nabilla Vergara. It is now a new reality TV contestant who has been tackled by the mother.

New settling of scores for Jazz

A few days ago, the blogger Sam Zirah posted the video of the interview granted to him by Cassandra Julia, candidate of La Villa des Cœurs Brisés 5. His eventful love affair with Theo, also candidate of the program, did a lot. talk and the young woman is somewhat back on their breakup.

Then invited to give her opinion on Jazz, the pretty blonde did not show up very tender towards the young mother, calling her ” vulgar “.

Informed by its many subscribers, Jazz immediately replied on Snapchat. She captioned a screenshot of the video, with the sarcasm we know it:

But who is this person? Me, vulgar? First time I hear this! I hide his name because I do not publish the anonymous ones without their agreement!

Jazz (JLCFamily): Clashed by a famous candidate of La Villa 5, her answer hurts!

It remains to be seen if things will stop there or if Cassandra will outbid …