He wastes talent, elegance, fluidity in his movements. Jayson Tatum He is one of those players who dazzles every fan and whose plasticity is sometimes at odds with the fierceness on the pitch necessary to be a leader in the NBA. This 22-year-old man who has already become a capital player in Boston Celtics, aspires to continue growing and become a benchmark in the league. His 2.03m in stature, big arms and versatility in attack, give him the possibility of being a memorable player, something he has been fighting for since landing in Massachusetts.

This is how he reveals it Shane larkin in words collected by SportsYahoo; This compulsive scorer who is amazing this season at Anadolu Efes, shared a dressing room with Tatum in what was the first season of the Duke servant in the NBA. “At just 19 years old he was already looking to be the main player of a team. He told me he wanted to go to Phoenix to lead the new project, but we all made him see that he needed to be patient. He is a born winner. This year his time came and he has been able to take advantage of it. You cannot rule out Boston in the fight for the ring if Jayson is well, “said Larkin.

Questioned about the existing options for Jayson Tatum can become over the years the best player in the NBA, the interviewee is clear. “I don’t see any reason to think otherwise. He has everything, especially intelligence on the court. His potential is immense and, furthermore, he is a good defender, so he should not settle for less. He has a fantastic mentality because he knows how to combine ambition with patience. I am very happy with how everything is going and I predict great emotions for him, “he said. Shane larkin. It must be remembered that Tatum’s averages this season are impressive, with 23.6 points, 7.1 rebounds and 2.9 assists.