The death of George Floyd has shocked United States. His death is one of the injustices that the African American community lives in the American country daily. NBA players, especially those who are part of that community, have not hesitated to join the protests that have been emerging since the tragic moment.

One of these players has been Jaylen Brown. The Boston Celtics guard traveled Saturday from Massachusetts to Atlanta, Georgia, to lead a rally for George Floyd. The player drove for 15 hours solely to be able to be there and lead the protest.

“Being an NBA celebrity does not exclude me much less from these things. First of all I am a black man and I belong to this community. We are the ones who have to create awareness about the injustices that we have experienced and that we live on a daily basis We want and need our voices to be heard, “said Brown.

In addition to Jaylen Brown, another player who appeared at the Atlanta protest was the Indiana Pacers guard, Malcolm Brogdon, who among other things said the following: “I have a family on the streets who live discrimination day after day. This is our moment, now we have a voice and influence. It is our moment in time. Jaylen has led this and I am proud of him We need more leaders. “

“People will look back and say: You were part of this. I have a grandfather who marched in the 1960s alongside Martin Luther King Jr. He would be proud to see us all here.”