Jay Benedict, actor of Aliens and Batman, loses his life for the fearful evil | AP

Jay Benedict lost his life at 68 years of age, as he became known after complications from the ill health that afflicts the world.

The famous actor was part of great movies like Batman, the Night Knight Rises and Aliens: The Return or Threatened on the net.

The unfortunate news that the coronavirus claimed the actor’s life was released by the agency that represented him through social networks.

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With deep regret we have to announce the mu3rt3 of Jay Benedict, who this afternoon (April 4) has lost his battle against the Covid-19. Our thoughts are with his family, said agency published.

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More of 40 year career in the art world they are part of the legacy of Benedict, who had multiple appearances in film and television.

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The actor was a theater lover, where he also developed in works such as “One Day at a Time”, “An Actor’s Lament” and “The Trial of Jane Fonda”.

The cinema has definitely lost one of its great representatives, QEPD Jay Benedict.