Today the filming in Madrid of ‘Kings of the night’, new original Movistar + series produced in collaboration with Zeta Studios. A comedy with a dose of drama created by Cristbal Garrido (‘Faria’, ‘Corps de lite’) and Adolfo Valor (‘I leave it whenever I want’, ‘Promocin Fantasma’) and which is inspired by the historical rivalry between the two main stars figures of sports journalism in Spain.

The of ‘Kings of the night’ It is the first filming of a new original Movistar + series that is launched after the break due to the health crisis. After having resumed the filming of the second seasons of ‘Iron’ and ‘Merl: Sapere Aude’, the fourth (and last) of ‘SKAM Spain’ and the first of ‘Paraso’With this new project, Movistar + ‘s commitment to Spanish culture and the audiovisual industry is reaffirmed.

The six 30-minute episodes place us in the late 1980s and early 1990s, a time when radio journalism was done in a very different way than it is today. In a comedy tone, and through the rivalry of these two characters, the series takes place at a time of change in our country, which was finally entering modernity.

Directed by Carlos Thern, responsible for the first season of ‘Look What You’ve Done’, and also by the creator of the series Aldolfo Valor, its cast is headed by Javier Gutirrez as Francisco Javier Maldonado, known as Paco el Cndor, the journalist most respected of the waves. Veteran and aggressive, his style causes admiration among his listeners.

For its part, Miki Esparb plays Jota, the right hand of Paco el Cndor. He will fill Paco’s hole when his team leaves. Due to his character, he disapproves of the forms of which until now has been his mentor, but he will soon realize that he can only compete with him using the same weapons …

The main cast is completed by actress Itsaso Arana (‘The Virgin of August’) in the role of Marga Laforet, the intelligent journalist who sees how her radio program is displaced at dawn to give priority to the program of Jota and her team.

Official synopsis: Francisco Javier Maldonado, alias Paco el Cndor, is the most important sports journalist on Spanish radio in the 1980s. Listeners admire him, players fear him, club presidents (and the government) hate him. Every midnight, gather millions of listeners next to the transistor. For years, the Condor has been unrivaled. Until now.