Javier “Chicharito” Hernández becomes a Legend of Mexican Soccer

The forward of the LA Galaxy, Javier “Chicharito” Hernández referred to the statements that mention that he arrived as a legend of Mexican soccer after his arrival at the MLS, the forward said he has worked harder than ever to get through last year’s lousy season.

“Of course I would repeat it (I am a legend), I have never worked like now in all aspects of my life, the life that I have created has challenged me on the emotional side, family in my relationships with my friends, family In football, I am challenging myself to grow in a spectacular way. “

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Chicharito He also referred to the comparisons that are made today with him and other players and lashed out at people who, in his opinion, judge and forget “that we are human beings”.

“Remember why we could not beat Germany and it happened, fortunately we are human and not everything is perfect, there have been you, I have said that I will do things and they happen, there have been times when I say that I will do them and they are not done, all beings We humans do it like that, it can happen, Messi and Cristiano would love to win a World Cup and they don’t succeed and they will tell you that they can do it so there are many people who judge us and means that we forget that we are human beings.

“That is not fought with what I want, I want things to go in the best way and I am working that way so that it can be culminated and everything can conspire in favor. Sometimes in this life we ​​judge, criticize and put it as villains to people who want to do other kinds of things that are not just one, “he concluded.

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