Javier Cámara reviews the 11 best films of his filmography

Since Fernando Colomo signed him for the series ‘Ay, Señor, Señor’ after seeing him in a show at his school of Dramatic Art, Javier Chamber has earned a place of honor on the podium of our actors with the most international projection. On the occasion of the premiere of ‘The forgetfulness that we will be’, a Colombian film directed by Fernando Trueba, we reviewed with him some of the most iconic films of a filmography that has more than 60 titles.

The popularity in the cinema came to him in 1998 when Santiago Segura bet on him to give life to Rafi in ‘Torrente: The silly arm of the law’. “He made me an actor”, remember. Three years later, he began working with the most prestigious directors in our country. Julio Medem introduced him to his universe in ‘Lucía y el sexo’ (1991); Pedro Almodóvar chose him to play the nurse in ‘Talk to her’ (2002); Isabel Coixet also counted on him for ‘The Secret Life of Words’ (2005)… And practically all the memories he has of his shootings are tender and funny. De Almodóvar, with whom he repeated in ‘Bad education’ (2004) and ‘Passenger Lovers’ (2013), assures that he has given him some of his funniest moments during a shoot: “We had such a good time in ‘The Lovers …’ He gave us directions like, ‘Close that door more Anne Bancroft.’

Along the way, he has been fortunate to run into colleagues who, over time, have become friends. “Candela Peña, that fascinating woman, would go to the end of the world with her. She is the captain of the ship. The Agustina of Aragon. Freedom guiding the people. We fell in love at ‘Torremolinos 73’. We were a married couple since we entered that movie “, he confesses.

An exciting and chameleonic journey that portrays one of the most powerful races on the Spanish film scene. Come in and enjoy ‘What a movie from that shoot!’ starring Javier Cámara.


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