Leaving for a moment his beloved project with Tiny Division, Javier Blake decided that it was time to set out on a solo path to give off some personal feelings and ideas. Today, he gives us “Réplica” the first single from his next album and debut as a soloist In Times of Strange.

In this effort, Javier Blake projects all the years of learning and maturity that he has obtained in his 20 years as a musician, composer and producer. His sound has marked a generation close to rock in Spanish that has always been attentive to every scratch on his guitar and the sounds of his voice with División Minúscula.

Javier Blake of the Small Division launches

Javier Blake. Photo: Courtesy

Although In the times of the strange it comes to become his first great project as a soloist, Blake had already participated in the soundtrack of the movie I don’t know whether to cut my veins or leave them long, tape from 2013 where he made the song “Cuenta hasta 10”, in which he collaborated with Natalia Lafourcade.


“Replica” is that song that talks about loss and rupture. One Love? Not necessarily. Life takes courses and frees us from friends, family and countless important people. “Réplica” recounts the damage and talks about the difficulties and bitter drinks that it leaves to try to move on. All this to the happy and hopeful rhythm of its synthesizer and its fast rhythm.

Javier Blake of the Small Division launches Javier Blake of the Small Division launches

Cover of the single “Réplica” by Javier Blake. Photo: Courtesy

The song was produced and mixed by Pipe Ceballos, and was mastered at Mike Wells Mastering. For its part, the song was recorded at Indiana Studio and at Panoram Studios in Mexico City.

“Exactly a year ago, July 2019, I entered the Pipe Ceballos studio to start what is now my first solo album. After countless delays (which I will tell you about), a track will finally come out on July 10, ”Javier Blake said in a press release. It is titled “Réplica” and it is one of the 10 songs that make up the album ‘En los tiempo de lo Extraño’ ”.

No release date, In times of strangeness it promises to be an intimate, personal and high-quality album. As always he has accustomed his fans with Tiny Division. We leave you the new song and its great accompanying video directed in conjunction with Antonio Soto Castillo:

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In order to make it very hard for “Réplica” and Javier Blake’s new solo project, we also leave you this interview in which he talked to us in depth about what his new project has meant to him. As well as for everything that had to happen for today, we have this great song in our ears. You can not miss it!