Javier Báez broke the silence on Francisco Lindor’s contract

The boricua Javier Baez broke the silence about his countryman’s contract Francisco Lindor on the MLB.

As a friend, colleague and countryman, Javier Baez He talked about what he felt when he saw Lindor’s contract, admitted that it is worth no more and that that contract was an advantage for the rest of the shorts of the MLB.

Here his words:

“No one was going to get more than Lindor, and you have to be honest about it,” said Baez, who said Francisco Lindor he was the best shortstop overall. “I think it opens the door to a lot of people.”

Baez is also not worried about trying to prove that his poor 2020 season was a fluke.

“I really don’t want to have my mentality that I have to prove something to anyone,” he said. “I think the 30 teams know what I can do. And when I’m in my field, I can be really good and I can hurt the other teams. So I’m relaxing and playing my game. ” said the one nicknamed the Magician.

It should be noted that the magician will also be a free agent at the end of the 2021 season, the Cubs still do not plan to extend his contract and everything indicates that he is going to the free agency of the MLB.