Javier Amieva: The perfect storm hits Mexico, are there guilty?

Javier AmievaJavier Amieva Source: Courtesy

Dear reader, last week in an environment of gravity due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the least we could expect was the arrival of a winter storm of capital proportions with a great impact on Mexico, mainly in the Northeast.

This revealed the precarious strategy and mismanagement of energy resources, The result of conscious mistakes and bad decisions of the new administration of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), who, faced with this critical situation, now tries to stand out. However, recent history, less than three years that this administration has been in, today results in what would become a Perfect Storm against Mexicans.

The Perfect Storm occurred because the bad weather reached Mexico at a point where the pandemic was beginning to subside, when the country continues to have conflicts with the Energy producers and in Texas, Republican Governor Abbott decided that: “Texas gas is for Texans, their constituents, before other states or Mexico.”

On the other hand, Biden that he is not a protagonist like his predecessor, Trump, has limited himself to providing help and what is necessary, although he did not lift a finger at the governor’s order and the late Letter from AMLO, asking for gas supply, from those whom he has mistreated and deprived of legal security for its business with Mexico.

It is true neither the pandemic nor the winter storm have been AMLO’s fault, but let’s look at the facts before the power cut from Texas and what his government has done in the policy of supplying energy for the good of Mexicans and their industry :

On Tuesday, September 10, 2019, natural gas began to flow in the South Texas-Tuxpan export gas pipeline, just one week after President AMLO announced an “agreement” between the state-owned generator CFE and private developers on the contracts. of transportation by gas pipelines in which there are still disagreements and disputes. After reaching the completion of mechanical work on the Texas-Veracruz Pipeline and in mid-June 19, the South Texas pipeline recorded an increase in the revenues of Valley Crossing, on the US side of the border, but a few days later, the CFE announced that it had initiated an arbitration procedure with the pipeline developers TC Energy, IEnova, Fermaca and Grupo Carso for contracted payments that, according to AMLO, were not justified. By July 2019, Mexico decided that it could not continue paying for the supply and distribution and would cancel contracts, and the CFE threatened to stop operations in the massive export pipeline while the federal government and private developers awaited the outcome of the arbitration proceedings. In international courts, meanwhile, there is an exhausted “arrangement” that will bring consequences.

The gas supply system to Mexico, via the Altamira V power plant, the interconnection, Monte Grande and the TC Energy Gas Pipeline – then TransCanada-, Tamazunchale in Los Naranjos Veracruz. The then new export pipeline, Along with the Cempoala Compressor Station rollback project, it should allow supply to also flow into southern Mexico, an area that has been subject to shortages since 2019.

The fall in national production is slowing down the development of industrial growth in the Yucatan peninsula and left the peninsula in darkness because PEMEX does not produce what is necessary and the government of Mexico has ignored the contracts signed with the construction companies, putting no only at risk the legal certainty that Mexico offers investors, and stopped the population of Mexico, who in the absence of gas and electricity production, which in three days, according to the government of Mexico has cost “20 billion pesos” and It has created a blockage in the maquiladora industry that has also cost individuals some 20 billion, but not in pesos but in dollars.

The matter has been under debate within the López Obrador government, so it cannot be taken by surprise, for a long time, said Carlos Urzúa, who served as Secretary of the Treasury, acknowledged in an interview with the Proceso magazine that one of the The reasons for his resignation was the dispute over the pipeline.

Urzúa did not agree to renegotiate the contract for the Texas-Veracruz Pipelines that would provide Gas to Mexico signed in 2016 with Peña Nieto. “It may be true that the gas pipeline has been expensive, as Bartlett says, but the truth is that we signed a contract and we must fulfill it,” he said. The former minister and accused Bartlett of not having sufficient knowledge on the subject and of generating a problem where a solution was necessary, although the fault that Bartlett is there lies with López Obrador, who has kept this “official” as part of his cabinet.

This is literally playing with fire and with the well-being of millions of Mexicans who live in the Yucatan peninsula, where there are already severe blackouts because there is no gas, ”the forgotten Urzúa concluded today.

“I named him,” said AMLO proud of Bartlett, who has lied about the blackouts first in Yucatán, blaming the Panista state of Tamaulipas and “fires started by peasants.” “It will not happen again,” he said, and AMLO has repeated before the press with carelessness and cynicism, because Bartlett is the untouchable man of AMLO despite scandals and blackouts, corruption, ineptitude, opacity, extremely influential and conflicts of interest that accumulate about the CFE director, while the president supports him at all costs and both today are responsible not for the bad weather but for the lack of foresight, for the bad international relations and for not protecting Mexicans due to whims of trying to blame previous governments of corruption, without seeing that corruption is there since the appointment of Bartlett and the daily lies to the people of Mexico.

What will be the other storm that will afflict Mexico in addition to energy, vaccines, the shortage of medicines, etc.?

As a culmination, I will tell you, dear reader, that during these days of blackouts and energy misfortunes, AMLO has devoted more time to defending “the freedom to be a candidate” for Félix Salgado Macedonio, -who was imposed by the then PRD in command of AMLO, who has always He has been his protector since 2005 when he appointed him “democratically” as mayor of Acapulco-, who to resolve thoroughly and consistently the issue of Energy for the good of Mexico.

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