Jasson Domiguez impressed in his first Spring Training game

The prospectus of the Yankees from New York, Jasson dominguez, had a good impression on his first Spring Trainign game.

It is not necessarily the Spring Traning of March that we are talking about, we are still in spring and Jasson dominguez he is in a spring training camp.

In his first turn he hit a double down the right wing, while in his second turn it was an unstoppable, then he stole second base.

After working for a whole month with Jasson Dominguez In the Minor League system, Nick Swisher said the following words of respect:

“Wow, I’m telling you one thing: if you’re getting raw skills and tools, he’s up there in every facet,” Swisher told “Speed, power, arm strength, bat-to-ball skills. One thing, in my opinion, that I really appreciated was his calm demeanor. He comes to the ballpark every day ready to work. He’s very focused, he’s not a noisy guy, but then the kid is hitting balls at 110, 115 mph. When I put it all together, it will be very special to see “

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