Jason Tartick’s TikTok About Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Bachelore Secrets

Considering that he’s engaged to Kaitlyn Bristowe, you’d think Jason Tartick would literally know every secret in Bachelor Nation. Like … who wins Katie Thurston’s season, who the next Bachelor is, and which Bachelor in Paradise couples got engaged, perhaps? But yeah, apparently not so much.

Jason hopped on TikTok to list off the questions he gets now that he’s engaged to The Bachelorette’s resident co-host, including: Who wins? Is she doing next season? What does Chris Harrison think? When will you see her next? Is she “like” a producer too? Who’s the next Bachelor?

His answer to all: he doesn’t know.

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The good news is we do know. But the following information is definitely a SPOILER so please turn back now if that’s not your thing.


Who wins? That’d be Blake Moynes, according to Reality Steve. He and Katie are engaged right now — though Michael A. keeps leaving thirsty comments on her Instagrams so not sure what that means. Is she doing next season? Apparently yes! Katie and co-host Tayshia Adams are said to be ironing out their contracts for Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette. What does Chris Harrison think? Whomst knows. Is she “like” a producer too? Kaitlyn is a host, which is an entirely different job than a producer! Who’s the next Bachelor? Okay, that’s a tricky one and it’s possible ABC will wait for Michelle Young’s season to air in its entirety before making a decision — just in case any of her runners-up capture the hearts of Bachelor Nation.

Kay, that’s all bye!

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