Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles make amends after ‘Supernatural’ prequel drama

“Don’t rich people have WhatsApp groups?” This tweet pretty much sums up the drama between the Winchester brothers in recent hours: Jared Padalecki publicly complained that he learned from the news of the existence of a project related to ‘Supernatural’, causing an earthquake among fans of the series. But it seems that the “brothers” have already talked about it and everything is solved (at least for the gallery).

“Jensen Ackles and I have had a long conversation, as we usually do, and things are fine,” Padalecki said in a tweet posted on Friday night. “The series is in the early stages of development and has a long way to go. We’ve traveled many roads together, and sometimes those damn roads have potholes. But the potholes don’t stop us. Once brothers, brothers forever. “He also added the hashtag #spnfamily, for the ‘Supernatural’ family.

“I love you … I miss those conversations. I had forgotten how much face-to-face time we had before. And I miss that too. I know you’re busy … like me, but you’re still my brother. I miss you, friend, “Ackles replied.

A sibling fight

This all started when it became public that Jensen Ackles and his wife Danneel Harris are preparing a prequel to ‘Supernatural’ entitled ‘The Winchesters’, which would be produced by the actor who played Dean for 15 seasons, and would also act as a narrator. Padalecki shared the news saying he was happy for his former colleague, although clearly he was not: “I wish I had found out about this in another way and not through Twitter.”

And on Twitter the thing stayed. While fans freaked out and said that it must all be a joke, Jared Padalecki took it easy in public. “I’m devastated,” he replied to a fan. He also published a tweet (which he later deleted and can be seen in some media) in which mentioned Robbie Thompson, executive producer of ‘Supernatural’ who will be in charge of writing the prequel: “Et tu brute ?? [sic] Woof. What a horrible thing you have done. #Bravo, coward “.

So much was the thing that the actor, now the protagonist of the new version of ‘Walker’, had to ask the fans for calm, who were throwing themselves against his former teammates. “Hey world. Thanks for the love. Please, PLEASE don’t send any hate or threats. I have a lot of affection for everyone involved and it would make me very unhappy if any of them were hurt or threatened, “he tweeted.

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