For just over four years, rumors had surfaced about a potential Andy Warhol biopic commanded by Jared Leto in the cast, but no official confirmation had been provided. Now the actor is the one who has confirmed that the project is ongoing and that he himself will be in charge of bringing the artist to life.

Through Instagram, Leto shared a group of images of Warhol and to put an end to the rumors confirmed that he will indeed give life to the artist in a future film project.

« Yes it is true that I will play Andy Warhol in an upcoming movie, » wrote the actor. « I am very grateful and excited for the opportunity. »

He also added a belated birthday greeting. Andy Warhol would have his birthday on August 6, but died in 1987 at 55 years of age.

Warhol changed the art world when he introduced his work based on Campbell’s soup cans. The important thing about his work was not only his style, which gave birth to pop art, but also the content of a work charged with criticism of the fast-paced society. His avant-garde style and his foray into various media made him a character that meant a before and after for the artistic field.

Leto did not confirm details of the project, although it is presumed that it is the same that gave rise to the rumors in 2016. If so, the script would be in charge of Terrence Winter (The Wolf of Wall Street), based on the book Andy Warhol: the biography of Victor Bockris, published in 1991 and whose rights belong to the Suicide Squad actor.

Jared Leto also made headlines this week after it was announced that he will star in a new Disney installment of Tron, directed by Oscar winner Garth Davis and written by Jesse Wigutow. To know more details, go here.

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