Japanese woman tastes the Tajin chili and goes viral for her incredible reaction | INTERNET

The Mexican is well known for eating spicy food or adding chili to everything, however, foreigners are not able to stay calm when it comes to screaming I know and are not very affected by this, so the following video was quite funny.

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It is a video in which a Japanese driver decided to approve the Tajín chili and it went viral at the time it was published on social networks.

This is how the host of the famous program wanted to try chili powder in the pure Mexican style and only with this did she have a reaction that seemed incredible to thousands.

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The video began to circulate on social networks strongly because they could not believe that the young woman could not bear even the Tajín which is a ch, ile quite light and the Mexicans consider that it is part of « he who does not itch », because it is only acid.

The girl gave the first taste and quickly reacted with grimacing gestures and movements as if her mouth were burning.

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The Japanese programs in which they dare to be different interesting activities are very used in that country p, or so at this time they took advantage of the situation of the confinement to cheer up the entire population a little with this clip.

At that time a Mexican woman pointed out to the driver that one of the best ways to consume this chili is with fruit, so she tried it with mango and watermelon, however, she continues to enchilada but in the end if she managed to enjoy the flavor and even He began to dance of the great joy that this caused him.

The Tajín pepper is one of the most famous in Mexico and is made from seven different types of chili peppers: chile de arbol, guajillo, pasilla, etc. It can be used to eat potatoes, popcorn, greaves, mango, orange, pineapple, watermelon, carrot, corn, jicama, seeds, nuts, snow, coconut, passion fruit, jelly beans, popsicles, drinks, beer, tequila and the list could go on.

There is no doubt that funny content will never cease to be one of the best things on the internet and the most beloved and sought after by users, so this viral video falls like a finger on this Sunday, so that you can pass it on the best.