Japan records earliest cherry blossom in 1,200 years due to climate change

Japan’s cherry trees are reaching full bloom in record time this year 2021, according to the national weather agency, which links the early sakura season with the warmest climate in the world.

In the old capital of Kyoto, cherry blossoms peaked on March 26, ten days earlier than average and the earliest since the government began taking records.

“Our studies have shown that the beginning of the cherry blossom season is closely related to the average temperature in February and March,” Shunji Ambe, an official of the Japan Meteorological Agency, told AFP. .

“Our observations of plant life show that spring events (such as cherry and plum blossoms) tend to occur earlier, while autumn events are delayed.”

“We believe that these phenomena reflect an upward trend in temperature,” he concludes.

Normally, Tokyo cherry trees reach full bloom around April 2. This year, the capital’s cherry blossoms peaked on March 22, a day slower than the first in 2002.