It is one of the countries where most tournaments take place and the place where many training academies in the world are located, as well as the most famous tennis professionals. Tennis without Italy cannot be conceived, and it is that after large investments in the basic sport of the Italian country, it seems that we are living one of the best times of this sport. With many players in the top 100, it seems that tennis in Italy is in luck. One of the young promises is Jannik Sinner, 18-year-old tennis player who is called to fight for great things in the not-too-distant future.

How is home confinement happening ?: “I am working very hard at home to strengthen my arms and legs, as the Monte Carlo Country Club is currently closed. I spend my free time watching many TV series or playing online PlayStation tournaments with my friends. I also make many calls On the phone with my parents, who are also confined in Italy. Right now the priority is not tennis, but fighting the coronavirus. When tennis returns, it will be very exciting. Everyone will have more adrenaline and will want to give their best to come back in the best possible way, “he said in words collected by UbiTennis.

Challenge that launched a week ago with the pizzas: “While we are locked up at home, I came up with a fun way to launch a small challenge to earn some money for the fight against the coronavirus in my country. My administration agency and I are going to donate medical supplies to help Italy. Each photo that they come up from a pizza with my face or with any Italian figure from the past or present, we will donate ten euros. You have to upload a photo with a homemade pizza using the hashtag #SinnerPizzaChallenge to raise awareness and hopefully inspire others to donate as can to try to overcome this as soon as possible. It is very important that we stay together in these times of need. “

What are Jannik Sinner’s main dreams ?: “I am 18 years old and I really want to compete again. I would love to be able to win the US Open, but without a doubt my great dream would be to win Roger Federer at Wimbledon. I hope Roger can play one more year and that we agree on the table to the year 2021. I would also love to play against Nadal. I already trained with him in Melbourne and it was an incredible experience. I would love to have the personality of Spanish. The main enemy in tennis is haste. My coach Riccardo Piatti knows that I am ambitious, but he asks me to be patient, and I will do the same, “he concluded.