Actress and activist looks stunning at 82, but how does she stay that way?

Jane Fonda She is undoubtedly one of the actresses and activists who has been best preserved at 82, just look at the dress she wore for the Oscars and that he is still seen spectacular. But how did he come to look so good at such an advanced age? The answer may lie in your old training routines.

A few days ago, she published a TikTok video in which she appears remembering her exercise routines, those famous workouts that made her famous. And it seems that he has not forgotten them because in the clip he manages to stretch as well as in those years.

This reminded many of how well his routines worked for his viewers, who after all this time have found that he still looks spectacular. That is why we leave you some of their old routines that are still just as effective.

Among his standout videos for beginners is a healthy stretching routine that goes from head to toe. The key is to gradually increase the speed until the whole body is released.

The main key is in cardio, so Jane always showed herself jumping. But what is undoubtedly the key to the whole process are the leg stretches, intense series for strengthen the abdomen and buttocks.