Jamie Lee Curtis says Halloween (2018) was ahead of #Metoo and the sequel retains that spirit

One of the characteristics of many slashers is that the protagonist and survivor of many films is a woman. In fact, this last aspect is even known as the final girl. If we make a superficial reading of that, surely it may seem to some a very feminist and empowering topic, but the reality is that in the seventies and eighties films that character usually has an element of moral superiority that allows him to survive; whether it was he who decided not to have sex, not to use drugs, etc. Let’s remember that, for example, Jason is against teenage sex because that’s what caused him to die in the first place. Yes really. It’s a great plot element in the Friday the 13th movies.

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That makes many of those films actually reward women who behave like the society of that period, or at least the director, thinks that a woman should behave. In other words, they are mostly macho and even moralistic tapes. The point is that the world does not remain static. Movies in this genre have evolved over the years. According to Jamie Lee Curtis, Halloween – 92% of 2018 is an example that you have done it for the better.

The actress took to Instagram and shared a message about the film and its sequel, which is due out in October. In his post, he said that director David Gordon Green and screenwriter Danny McBride beat #MeToo with that tape by reflecting the anger of the victims and will do so again in the Halloween Kills sequel. Before someone gets smart. The movie came out after #MeToo, but it was written before. It is understood that by September 2017 there was already a script. In fact, he called that tape “a second wave.” Maybe it was a reference to the second wave of feminism, but maybe not:

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David Gordon Green and Danny McBride have created an intense and brutal second wave to their masterpiece Halloween 2018. They were prescient with their 2018 film about the amount of trauma that would be recognized, primarily because of the #MeToo movement that collided with the trauma of 40 years of Laurie and now she was getting ahead of the curve of the amount of anger that we have all seen and felt in 2020. WE ARE ALL EXTREMELY ANGRY AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO LAST IT ANY MORE! It’s another brilliant chapter in the latest story of good vs. evil, Laurie vs. Michael. Happy Halloween. See you all at the movies in October.

They are big words, but in reality the actress has been emphasizing the social message of this sequel for a while. It is not the first time, nor will it be the last, that it has been compared to a social movement of our era. Curtis had already said go to Halloween Kills as a metaphor for the Black Lives Matters movement and the social protests that have been the order of the day in the United States due to cases of police brutality and systematic violence against racial minorities.

What we were seeing throughout the country of power, of the rage of voices, large groups of people coming together enraged by the set of circumstances, that is what the film is. The movie is about a mob. That is why it is very interesting, because it addresses what happens when trauma infects an entire community. And we are seeing it everywhere with the Black Lives Matter movement. We’re seeing it in action and Halloween Kills, oddly enough, fit into that, processed it. It was written before it happened, but then when you see it, it’s an angry group of people moving through the story like one big angry group, it’s very, very, very intense. It is a masterpiece.

We must wait until October to verify the veracity of his words

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