James Rodríguez today: Mexican journalist and controversy over insults on ESPN 2020 program | Colombians Abroad | Soccer

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A journalist launched very hard against the Colombian and mentioned that it is the worst hiring of Madrid.

James Rodríguez, Real Madrid player and benchmark for the Colombia National Team.




Miguel Machado

July 9, 2020, 04:48 p.m.

James Rodríguez is going through a bad time at Real Madrid and is more outside than inside the club. The footballer does not wait for the time to leave the team and return to having minutes in a club where he can show his football, as in previous years.

Thus, the current situation of the Colombian is worrying and criticism has come from various sectors. This time, the turn was for a journalist from the ESPN channel.

In the aforementioned channel program, ‘Jorge Ramos y su Banda ‘, Jose del Valle threw everything against the Colombian national team footballer, even mentioning that it has been the worst hiring that the white team has ever had.

“What about the partner-partner relationship, James is abandoned to his partners like rats. He’s jumping off the boat. It is painful. The worst hiring in the history of Real Madrid … 75 million euros for a guy who has passed it by the banks of Spanish football and who has always hidden in important games, « said journalist Del Valle on the program mentioned last July 6.

On the other hand, the colleagues and colleagues of the program tried to silence the criticism and did not agree with what the journalist said. The strong dart towards the footballer left annoyance on the followers of the program, who in responses showed their disagreement.



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