When he arrived in 2014, as the newest scorer of the World Cup in Brazil, James Rodríguez excited many that he was going to become the great figure of Real Madrid, who was emerging after his visit to Porto and Monaco. One of those who saw the Colombian as the new white star was Jorge Valdano, who was a player, coach and Sports Director in the history of Merengue.

Therefore, the Argentine, world champion in 1986, is an authorized word when talking about Real Madrid, as he is considered a symbol, who knows merengue DNA like no other. And although he always supported James, he is already tired: his illusion of seeing James in the world elite turned into disappointment.

Valdano spoke of Rodríguez’s situation at the Spanish club. In a chat with ‘El Transistor’, the Argentine was forceful: “I feel like I have failed with James. I trusted a lot in the class and the category of this player. There are many players who, as time progresses, become better, like Cazorla who suffered 700 injuries or Banega, ”said the analyst and columnist.

And he went further: he asked James to review his surroundings, his thinking and ask himself what is preventing him from progressing in his career. “When a category player, each year that passes, gives fewer benefits than the previous one, it is the player himself who must ask himself what happens. That cannot be answered by Zidane, he is the player. Something happens and it is the player who has to know it ”, commented Valdano.

“The positions are won in training and in games. (James) He has had some opportunities and there are many players in the competition for the positions. The competition is tremendous at Real Madrid. You have to prevail and that is done by demonstrating it in matches. For that, you have to hone in on each workout. When you come out of a training session thinking that you have wasted your time, what you are doing is losing an enormous opportunity to conquer a place among the starters, ”said Valdano.