James Rodríguez is a topic of conversation in European football, as it is not understood that one of Real Madrid’s most expensive signings in recent years is today a second-table plate. His situation on the Zinedine Zidane campus is worrisome, and those who know football understand that the Colombian is wasting his talent and the best years of his career.

James even talks about the Barcelona players, the great rival of Real Madrid. And if there is anyone who can express themselves about Rodríguez’s situation, it is Arturo Vidal. The Chilean shared a team with James, as they agreed at Bayern Munich. They are friends and that is why he understands perfectly what happens with the coffee maker.

“We are brothers with James, we have an incredible friendship from Bayern Munich. We always talk, even on these vacations we had contact, « Vidal said in a chat with Win Sports’ ‘First Touch.’

Vidal was asked about his friend’s present, and he said that he does have problems with Zidane. “It is a shame (penalty) that I have problems with the coach, I think, because James has a lot of level to start easily in that team. I don’t know why it wasn’t given this year. Hopefully I will make the best decision and start playing, « said King Arthur.

And although he did not want to delve into his opinion, Vidal made his thoughts on James visible, hoping that he would change teams. « I think that people who admire football like to see high-quality players, and James is one of them. I have always said that he has to grow, look for his future, and look for a team in which he can play and enjoy football the way he likes, ”he said.