Lakers star forward Lebron James I affirm that Playing NBA games without an audience prevents them from being full of emotions and fun, and he asked himself again what is sport without fans.

03/26/2020 at 22:29



James, who participated as a guest in the “Road Trippin Podcast, presented by former Cleveland Cavaliers teammates Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye and current presenter of the Lakers studio, Allie CliftonIn his first statement since the NBA was suspended on March 11, he analyzed the entire situation created by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Lakers star, as he had already stated before the suspension was given, considers that playing games without an audience loses all sense of sport, while describing some of the challenges facing the league with the possible resumption of it, including the fear of catching it.

“So what happens when you and a coronavirus positive player are on the field with him and have to fight for a ball?” He asked. James on the show, which had been staged in honor of the return to Cleveland, where in 2016 he won the league title with the Cavaliers.

But the suspension of the NBA after 14 cases of contagion by the coronavirus, 10 players and four other personnel from the teams occurred, prevented James from returning.

“It’s always special to go back there and look up and see the championship title pennant,” he said. James, referring to the Cavaliers’ first ring in history and that he helped win.

“You think about all the good memories we had. And then being able to play in front of my friends and family again. That would have been great. I’m a little bit discouraged by that,” he added.

He was also disappointed at the idea of ​​playing again in a league that, at least temporarily, would be forced to play games without fans.

“What is the word ‘sport’ without ‘fans’?” James asked. “There is no emotion. There is no crying. There is no joy. There is no swaying of all that is lived in the field”, argument.

“That is what also highlights the competitive side of the players knowing that you are going to be a visitor in a hostile environment and you want to not only beat your rival but also silence their fans,” he added.

James He insisted that he would return to competition if that is the NBA’s decision and would also play games without fans in the stands, but reiterated that it would be a “strange dynamic”.

In addition, like the rest of the participants in the program, James also questioned everything that would need to be established in order to return to the regular league competition.

Among the suggestions made was to keep the teams isolated in a hotel selected by the league during the postseason as a security measure, something that James completely discarded while using a profanity.

What he did admit James It is the need, when the competition resumes, to make some adjustments for the interaction with the fans and in that sense he said that “no more collide the five, not even among the teammates.”

The Lakers star also said he was very clear that you could not go directly to the playoffs without at least 10 regular season games being played before.

“One thing you can’t do is go straight to the playoffs, because it debunks the more than 60 games the players fought to reach that playoff spot.”

Also expressed among the participants in the program formulas that could be used in order to define the eight teams of each Conference that will have to play the playoffs and that in the case of the West, the only one that remains to be defined is the eighth place for which up to five teams fight.

James, 35, said that due to the quality of players who have their squad, such as the base Damian Lillard and the escort C.J.McCollumThe Portland Trail Blazers might be the most likely rival they had in the first round of the playoffs.

James He was also categorical in saying that he was not interested in participating in the campaign to ask people to stay locked up in their homes during quarantine and to distance themselves when they know what it is like to live in an apartment in the poor areas of the city. .

“It would feel strange to say it because, with all reason, they could answer that it would be very easy for me because of the way I live now, but I know what it’s like to spend your days locked in an apartment like I did in my childhood. The only thing What I can tell people is to be responsible at a time that is decisive for everyone, “concluded James.