James Newman repeats as representative of the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021

James Newman will represent the United Kingdom at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. The artist, who was chosen to represent his country at last year’s festival, was unable to perform due to the cancellation of the contest due to the coronavirus pandemic. After several months of uncertainty, his re-election has been confirmed by the BBC.

James Newman, representative of the United Kingdom in Eurovision 2021

« I am excited. It is an honor to have a second chance to represent my country at Eurovision. », Newman has communicated before his re-election. The renewal of the agreement between the BBC and the record company BMG has resulted in this new opportunity for the singer: « I haven’t stopped making new music during confinement. I can’t wait for you to hear the new song. »he stated.

In 2020, Newman presented the song « My Last Breath » to represent the UK at the pageant. The subject with which he will attend this year is not yet known to the festival (not even the name), but what the artist has communicated is that, on this occasion, It will not be a ballad, but a « positive and rhythmic » song.. The theme will be released in March.

The trajectory of James Newman

James Newman is the younger brother of the well-known singer John Newman. His musical career has been successful, especially as a composer, being nominated twice for the Grammy Awards. This will not be the English musician’s first contact with the Eurovision Song Contest, since was one of the composers of « Dying to try », the song with which Brendam Murray represented Ireland in 2017.