James Gunn revealed the scene where Bloodsport almost killed Superman

With an image on his social networks, James Gunn confirmed once again that he considers himself the official Superman, who was played by Henry Cavill.

James Gunn is already preparing for the premiere of The Suicide Squad, as well as most of the followers of the DC Extended Universe at the cinema. In the midst of the expectation for what the film will offer, the director has been in charge of increasing the hype. Just as he made comments a few months ago praising his work, he has also shown the extent of the power of the protagonists of the project.

On the latter, a great trend was born. In social networks, they inquired about the story that the filmmaker would give to one of the main characters. It was thus that a fan questioned him in Twitter the reason why Bloodsport, which will be interpreted by Idris Elba, I was in prison.

As an answer to the question of the follower, the developer gave an answer that revolutionized all the fans, raising amazing theories. The reason for the condemnation of the “antihero” would be related to Superman, just like in the comics.

As explained earlier in this half, Bloodsport was recruited by associates of Lex luthor to try to assassinate Kal-El with a weapon loaded with special ammunition. The writer revealed more in his tweets.

“Bloodsport is in prison for taking him down with a bullet of kryptonite. If you believe these covers, he might not be the bad guy in that situation. He put him in ICU but couldn’t kill him, ”Gunn told a fan.

The picture

Thus, the producer wanted the public to see how such a feat happened, so he shared a concept art that shows it. In the image you can see how the enemy is tired, with almost no strength to stand, but with his objective covered. On the other hand, Superman is seen totally knocked down and dying on the ground.

Finally, one of the most controversial factors of the publication is the appearance of Henry cavill. The director has already voiced his endorsement of the actor as the Clark Kent who should remain on the big screen and he did so once again.

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