James Gunn promises Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is going to be huge

James Gunn is a director who is usually very active on Twitter. In recent days this has been due to the first trailer The Suicide Squad. You’ve been busy talking about him; either sharing King Shark videos to the rhythm of Baby shark, answering questions from his fans about the design of this viral and adorable man-eating shark; celebrating that the trailer broke the record for the most viewed R-rated movie trailer in a week and even saying that the Yesterday Cut could be a reality if his movie does well. Perhaps the most surprising thing is that he even shared another trailer of the peculiar squad in the framework of April Fools Day:

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Although it’s April Fools’ Day, the only joke here is about the supervillains who agreed to work for Amanda Waller. New trailer for The Suicide Squad released exclusively in theaters last night! Find us in theaters August 6!

The point is, your project for DC has gotten your full attention. It’s not weird because the movie opens on August 4. In more ways than one, it’s part of his job to help build the hype around that film. This will only increase as the date gets closer.

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That said, it’s not his only superhero project he’s preparing. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will arrive sometime in 2023. This franchise surely holds a special place in the heart of its director because it was the one that launched him to fame. If he’s working at DC now, it’s because of his good work with the MCU’s space heroes. In that sense, there is nothing strange that he also wants to keep us up to date with this latest film. Their release date may seem a bit distant to us, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t working hard on it. This was made clear in a tweet where, in addition, he said that the Galaxy is going to be too small for the film because of all the new things that will exist in this third part:

Our designers and visual development geniuses are busy creating fantastic new designs for other worlds and alien beings. I’m not sure the galaxy is big enough for all this magic. This. Movie. It’s huge. I’m excited.

It makes sense that they are already working on it, now that everything is ready for the imminent premiere. The Suicide Squad. In addition, we must remember that according to Murphy’s Multiverse reported, which is not official, the film will begin shooting in mid-2021. Very possibly, after the premiere of its first film for DC. That information contrasts with what Dave Bautista had already said in December of last year in an interview for Entertainment Weekly: “I think it’s okay to say that we are going to start production at the end of next year.”

As you can see, the actor thought at the time that filming would begin when 2021 was already dying. In that interview he also spoke about how the pandemic and the momentary dismissal of Gunn affected the script and, itself, the film:

I saw a script at the beginning when everything was on time and James Gunn was still a director before everything went crazy. I believe that because the calendar [de Marve] has changed [por culpa los cierres causados por la pandemia y los retrasos de producción del filme], the plots are no longer the same and things are no longer going to mix as originally planned. We obviously lost Chadwick [Boseman], so I don’t know where that leaves Black Panther. I haven’t seen a new script, that’s the short answer.

It is true what it says. Very little is known about this project, which is usual in the MCU. We will have to wait a little longer for more information to start to appear.

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