James Gunn believes that Peacemaker reflects current politics and society

Image of Peacemaker in The Suicide Squad (2021) shown at CCXP

In previous comments by director James Gunn, he has dropped how each of the members that we will see in the movie “The Suicide Squad” represents their own gender. This makes each of them leave the door open to new explorations. It is therefore not surprising that James Gunn decided to make a solo series dedicated to Peacemaker, a project that occurred to him in times of a pandemic and that slipped into his schedule before getting to work on “Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3 ”for Marvel Studios.

The series of the DC Comics character will arrive on the streaming platform HBO Max in January 2022, but with a shoot still underway, they have not wanted to tell much more. Sometimes images of the shoot arrive, like the ones that have been appearing these days where we have been able to see a bloody John Cena during his birthday, which promises that we are going to be before a series with an adult approach.

In new statements, James Gunn has talked about the character and how he came to the series. The filmmaker describes Peacemaker as if Marvel’s Captain America takes a really far-right turn, and saw Peacemaker as the perfect starting point when HBO approached him to make the series.

I think the real inspiration for Peacemaker was the shitty Captain America TV series from the ’70s that I loved as a kid. I think Peacemaker exemplifies many things in society that are happening politically, and what are the beliefs of the people about America and the world. So being able to tell those stories that are a bit more socially conscious at their core, but also quirky, lends itself to that.

This series promises to offer something very different in every way. On the other hand, we will be able to see more of John Cena, a professional wrestler that James Gunn says we have only seen part of. On the other hand, it could spark a new interest in James Gunn for the small screen format:

I love doing Peacemaker. I could see myself doing TV shows after Guardians 3. It’s a possibility.

Of course, right now, the possibilities now seem limitless for James Gunn, who has not hidden in the past that he has come up with ideas for other series of characters, other than that they intend to carry them forward.

Image of John Cena on the set of Peacemaker on his birthdayImage of John Cena on the set of Peacemaker on his birthday

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