James Gunn believes that David Ayer’s cut will see the light if the Suicide Squad triumphs at the box office – Tomatazos

The Suicide Squad is the next movie in the DC Extended Universe and fans are looking forward to its release in high spirits. It represents the sequel to Suicide Squad – 25%, a 2016 film that quickly earned social media hostility for failing to deliver on what it promised, but some are still hoping to watch the special cut by its director, David Ayer. . Through his profile on Twitter, James Gunn maintains that the Yesterday Cut could see the light of day if The Suicide Squad manages to have successes during its launch on HBO Max in theaters. Will those wishes come true?

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Suicide Squad It was the third attempt by Warner Bros. to consolidate its cinematic universe. With this film they tried to do something that Marvel Studios has not done, grant an adventure to their bad boys, however, the improper handling of the project ended in a disaster that fans cannot forget. More than three years after its release, the film continues to cause terror among the most passionate fans who at some point dreamed of something good for this group of characters. But James Gunn does not lose hope that the Ayer Cut will unfold in the future, after all, David claims that Warner Bros. was the one who badly edited the film.

A fan on Twitter questioned Gunn about the ability to see the Yesterday Cut later and this is what he replied:

No one has seen David Ayer’s movie anyway, as it won’t be released for some reason. Do you think the chances of that movie being released will improve after your movie is released?

I think there is a possibility of that happening.

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The Suicide Squad promises to be a very different tape than Suicide Squad, it should be. DCEU movies don’t have the best of reputations, but we know that James Gunn managed to turn the Guardians of the Galaxy into beloved superheroes (even though they arrived as mere strangers to the Marvel Cinematic Universe) and can do the same with the villains and antiheroes of this project. We hope that the franchise manages to find the balance between quality and good fortune, the followers of these characters deserve to have a saga as unforgettable as those already known.

Much of the buzz for the Yesterday Cut stems from the success of Zack Snyder’s Justice League – 82%. The new Justice League movie was a resounding success on HBO Max, a fact that has triggered rumors about the restoration of the Snyderverse in the future, but also the possibility of a Yesterday Cut of Suicide Squad. Yes The Suicide Squad manages to climb to a good position during its stint at the box office, maybe Warner Bros. will make some big decisions for the DC Extended Universe. We know that the studio is not the best when it comes to making decisions, and it is always more aware of the competition than its own stories and characters, but it is possible that later we will be pleasantly surprised.

Warner Bros. already announced its commitment to movie theaters in 2022. The company declared that its premieres will reach the networks next year and that streaming releases will be left behind. The Suicide Squad It will be released simultaneously on HBO Max and theaters on August 6. The film industry does not expect that by that time the rooms are filled as before, entertainment from home is still an essential part of the business at this time, but there is the hope that the delivery will become the new great success of the Universe DC Extended. Is the Yesterday Cut close?

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