James Franco agrees to pay $ 2.2 million to settle sexual assault lawsuit

James Franco was, for a long time, a respected actor in the Hollywood industry, yet in recent years he has been sidelined due to sexual assault allegations against him. The Hollywood Reporter announces that, to solve your problems, Frank He agreed to pay a large sum of money to settle the class action lawsuit that was filed in 2019 by two former students from his film school, Studio 4. We discuss all the details in the following paragraphs.

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According to what was revealed by The Guardian in its 2019 report, Sarah Tither-Kaplan Y Toni Gaal were used by James franco and his colleagues for any sexual gain, he denied the allegations. The victims revealed that the actor made promises of roles in Hollywood, but it was all a pretext to take advantage of them. The situation soon started a climate of sexual harassment and exploitation inside and outside the school by James, leading to the lawsuit of the students and the cancellation of James.

The new report argues that James franco will pay US $ 2.2 million to settle the lawsuit. The actor will give Tither US $ 670 thousand already Gal US $ 223 thousand, with a cut of US $ 223 thousand and US $ 74 thousand respectively for the fees of his legal defense. US $ 1,341 million will remain in the hands of other students, less the US $ 827 thousand in legal expenses, while the rest will be placed at the disposal of the National Center for Women’s Law. Without a doubt, this is an important figure and a good blow to the pocket of Frank. The Guardian shares an excerpt from the agreement both parties reached:

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While Defendants continue to deny the Complaint’s allegations, they acknowledge that Plaintiffs have raised important issues; and all parties strongly believe that now is a critical time to focus on addressing the abuse of women in Hollywood. All agree on the need to ensure that no one in the entertainment industry, regardless of race, religion, disability, ethnic origin, origin, gender or sexual orientation, faces discrimination, harassment or prejudice of any kind.

The revelation and punishment of sexual predators in Hollywood is a practice that has become popular in recent years, all with the aim of preventing more people from falling for the games of those who enjoy power and influence in the entertainment industry. In recent times we have seen the downfall of notable figures in film, television or music, once loved by millions and later canceled for their acts against the integrity of people. Perhaps the most notorious case is that of Harvey weinstein, famous producer who for decades sexually assaulted women just for having a privileged position in the business; he is now serving a 23-year sentence in the Rikers Island jail in New York City and no one expects him to survive it.

Since the sexual assault allegations, James franco He has stayed out of the Hollywood spotlight and we haven’t seen him in projects anymore, either as an actor or a producer. Among his most outstanding films is The Spider-Man – 89%, The Disaster Artist: Masterpiece – 94% and Memory – 100%; rose to global fame in 2001 with the film James dean, in which he plays the famous rebel without a cause. Although the payment for the lawsuit could fix his problems for now, the damage to his career has already been done and his name blacklisted could be indelible.

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