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James Cameron is one of the best known directors in Hollywood. Although his career in the big chair is not really broad, it has given us several cult titles that have gone down in history for the immense size of their production and their respective astronomical revenues at the global box office. But Cameron He has a reputation for being demanding and remembers it through a new interview with / Film; responds to complaints through strong statements.

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In the past it has been commented that James Cameron He is not a friendly director on the set, and who demands more than necessary from his actors and the rest of the staff. Former co-workers of James they wrote things like “he is known on set for his dictatorial and uncompromising manner, as well as his fiery temper” or that “for the physical torment of the film and the autocratic ways of Mr. CameronThey refused to collaborate in the sale of the corresponding film. The filmmaker responds to the claims as follows:

I could have heard more. It could have been less autocratic. I couldn’t have made the movie more important than the human interaction of the team.

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But it is thanks to their enormous efforts that James Cameron has two of the highest grossing films in history under its name. Titanic – 88% was released in theaters in 1997 and globally grossed $ 2.195 billion, wowing the world with the fantastic story of Jack and Rose Dawson. For 2009 he succeeds again with Avatar – 83%, the sci-fi adventure that showed us a completely innovative way of making cinema; the movie grossed $ 2.844 million worldwide and couldn’t even be surpassed by Avengers: Endgame – 95% with their $ 2,797 a couple of years ago.

Avatar 2 is James Cameron’s next film as director and, like many other productions, it was also affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Filming in New Zealand had to be postponed for a few months, but proper handling of the health crisis in that country made the resumption possible some time ago. We now know that the film is well on its way to release, however the price to pay was a significant one-year delay. Previously it was thought that this sequel would hit theaters in December 2021, but now we know that it will be released in late 2022. It will be a very long wait until the return to the exciting world of Pandora.

The years to come will be drenched in Avatar. In addition to the second part several continuation will be developed. Although we still do not know what to expect, we can be sure that James Cameron he’s planning something really amazing for his sci-fi story. Some believe that during the next decade we will see enormous changes regarding the technology used in Hollywood and the movies of Avatar they could be very involved. The next installments in the series will hit theaters in 2024, 2026, and 2028.

The coronavirus pandemic has given way a bit and is already allowing cinemas to have premieres as before. 2021 is being a much better year than the previous one and there are still several important launches that will fill the rooms and give more impact to the business. Although the time of Avatar It is still far away, the return of Pandora to the seventh art will bring important millions of dollars to the director and the studio. Will any of the prequels be able to outperform the first movie?

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