It’s time for vacation for Jamel Debbouze. And it is in family with his wife Mélissa Theuriau and their children Léon Ali (11 and a half years old) and Lila Fatima Brigitte (8 years old) that the 45-year-old comedian left Paris to enjoy a few days at the beach. On Instagram Sunday July 26, 2020, he shared in a story several videos of his daughter in full choreography!

While the actor who gave the reply to Eric Judor and Ramzy Bedia in the H series seems to have his feet in the sand, his little Lila does not sit idly by. On a video published by Jamel Debbouze, she sways on the track Savage by Megan Thee Stallion, whose choreography has gone viral thanks to the social network TikTok. Leon’s little sister appears from behind and in a colorful little beach dress. A dance that the star seems to have appreciated in view of his encouragement!

If Lila knows the steps to take by heart, her mother Mélissa Theuriau also seems to be in the know! Indeed, the 42-year-old journalist, returning from the sea where she soaked her feet, in turn made a few movements, thus accompanying her daughter. A tender moment of mother-daughter bonding filmed by the happy dad.

If the atmosphere is fun, everything is not all pink between Jamel Debbouze and his beauty. In October 2019, on the set of Je t’aime etc. (France 2), Mélissa Theuriau had confided in their daily life, evoking couple disputes. “It’s healthy arguments! We argue a lot, we reconcile quickly so that’s what makes things do not pile up, she said. It’s to get to say it quickly. and one or the other come. ” Fortunately for lovers, these moments pass as quickly as they come!

On July 18, on the occasion of the birthday of the happy mother, Jamel Debbouze had wanted to send her, in front of all his followers on Instagram, a tender message of love. “Happy birthday my darling. You are the first, the last, you are my everything …” he wrote. A very nice statement!