Jamal Crawford, one of the best sixth men in history with three awards, may have played his last minutes in the NBA.

The 40-year-old shooting guard played last season with the Phoenix Suns and is currently without a team. There has been speculation in recent days that he could be Avery Bradley’s replacement, but the signing of JR Smith has left him with no options.

06/12/2020 11:06

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Crawford has made a statement in the last few hours to Hoopshype that suggests that his withdrawal is approaching: “I do not know if I have an expiration date, but I have to think about myself. My retirement is likely to be sometime next season. I will try to make it a team that fights for the playoffs, but if this does not happen I will think very well, that is all ”.

These words indicate that the former player of teams like Clippers or Knicks is going to wait in case any team uses his services. But, if this doesn’t happen quickly, your career will be over.