Jam, the ‘open source’ alternative to Clubhouse open to everyone

Nobody knows why a game or an application gets win the favor of the public. The key to success is a bit of luck, a bit of being there at the right time and a hint of virality. Serve this introduction to introduce Club House, an app for iPhone that is used to carry out audio conversations. That simple However, everyone talks about her, including influencers and internet personalities.

Talk to other people, by voice, through the internet, from your iPhone. What’s new about this? Nothing. But the idea is simple and key users have liked to talk about this app everywhere. To that we must add its exclusivity, since you can only use it if you are invited. And as we all know, they just have to forbid you something for you to want it.

But as we all know Club House does not have the exclusive of the audio conversations. In the application stores there are many applications with which talk to two or more people. From longevity Skype to the most recent Whatsapp or Telegram going through all the popular video calling apps like Zoom.

I want something like clubhouse

But as much as I tell you that you can have audio conversations with friends and acquaintances with dozens of current applications, you may want to try the experience Club House. But you may not have an invitation. Or you may not have an iPhone.

Audio conversations

The solution is to go to an alternative even simpler than Clubhouse. His name is Jam and it has no app. It opens in your web browser. You don’t need an invitation to use it. Simply create a chat room, invite your friends and you can already spend hours talking about how to fix the world, predict which will be the next successful startup or simply have a laugh commenting on the latest series or movie you have seen.

Another peculiarity of Jam is that it is open source, which you will find in its GitLab repository. Otherwise, its appearance and function are identical to the exclusive Clubhouse. Only audio. No texting. No video camera. No screen sharing. Your voice and that of your friends.

Like the original app, you can mute the channel, mute yourself, share the channel link, or simply leave it. Same Clubhouse experience but without its exclusivity. You may not find internet personalities using Jam, but you yourself can be part of this open source alternative.

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