Jalisco and Volaris will give 3.5 million pesos in discounts

Volaris and the Government of Jalisco symbolically formalized the delivery of 3,500 vouchers, of 1,000 pesos in coupons.

In the state, the airline began operations in March 2006 and since then has transported more than 47 million customers.

In the world, travel and tourism directly contributed 2.9 billion dollars to GDP during 2019.

The government of Jalisco, through the Ministry of Tourism (Secturjal), and in partnership with the commercial airline Volaris, will give good news to travelers and especially to the tourism industry with the announcement of 3.5 million pesos in discounts.

These are discount coupons for the hotel sector equivalent to 3,500,000 pesos, given the contingency, which has hit the industry hard in all sectors, from hotels to flights. That is why the Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, and the CEO and general director of Volaris México, Enrique Beltranena Mejicano, delivered the aforementioned amount in compliance with the announcement made last October to support hoteliers.

In a virtual event headed by the Secretary of Tourism of Jalisco, Germán Kotsiras Ralis Cumplido, and the director of Market Development and Distribution of Volaris, Miguel Aguíñiga, the delivery of 3,500 vouchers, of 1,000 pesos each, was symbolically formalized in flights, for hotels in the state, in order to reactivate the flow of tourists and also reported the offer of 52 thousand seats available on 48 routes in the state.

This strategy will reach 128 hotels, 84 in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area and the interior of Jalisco with 2,075 vouchers, and 44 hotels in Puerto Vallarta with 1,425. These economic units previously confirmed their participation in said agreement and will be able to make use of this benefit no later than March 2021.

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The coupons may be used in your recovery plans or in your promotion strategies, as incentives to your clients or collaborators, among others.

The president of the Jalisco Hotel Association, Juan Carlos Mondragón, thanked the sector for its support and reiterated his commitment on behalf of the hoteliers to work hard so that with these vouchers more tourism is attracted to the Metropolitan Area of ​​Guadalajara, Chapala, Tequila and to destinations where the Haciendas and Casonas are located, with the aim of helping everyone to reactivate the economy.

Globally, travel and tourism directly contributed approximately $ 2.9 billion to GDP during 2019. The total contribution of the travel and tourism industry in 2019 represented 10.4 percent of total GDP, according to Statista.

In the country, the industry is one of the main generators of employment and in the state of Jalisco, too, hence the alliance between the Government and the airline is good news for the reactivation of the sector that is in clear decline, but that He hopes that this time of the end of the year will be revived, in accordance with the sanitary regulations that allow it, always under the pertinent measures to avoid infections.